The following passage has been extracted from the book "Organic Chemistry-10th edition by Solomon and Frhyle":

"The growth of living things from microbes to elephants rests on organic reactions, and organic reactions provide the energy that drives our muscles and our thought processes"

Is the above statement true that, organic reactions provide energy that drives our thought processes? Is there any other process by which we are given energy to drive our thought processes?

If you all agree with the statement, then when a person is called "dead" (or after a while being called dead), I hope the reactions will cease (because he can't perform "thought processes"), isn't it?

If these all points are agreed, is their a possibility of repairing a dead body by restarting the reactions immediately?

I agree that, it is not as easy as I said, there is a complexity, but I believe we all can do some research "together" and try to do a "little" contribution to save ourselves.

So, can we repair a dead body?


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No, you cannot. There is no way to reset the transient pulses in the neurons that carry the essence of thought processes. The information is already gone.

You will find the neural synapses all in the discharged state. All thought process, all memory, all of what makes a person is gone.

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