We have the given compound enter image description here

It's IUPAC naming is more sinister than things seem.

It's not a proper bicyclic compound, or a proper spiro cpmpound either.

enter image description here

I could interpret the spiro compound in red, though I doubt it does much, as well as the $-CHO$ functional group to be the special suffix, carbaldehyde, but not much else. It seems very odd to have a spiro compound, inside a bicyclic compound, making this compound feel very awkward.

Is this a tricyclic compound? If so, what is it's IUPAC name?


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The IUPAC name is tricyclo[,4]decane-5-carbaldehyde. In general, for complex structures like this the IUPAC name is automatically generated, usually using software like ChemDraw or ChemAxon.


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