I haven't found to many research papers yet, but would it be possible to electroplate nickle-aluminide onto a niobium alloy using an ionic liquid? I know certain industries are already using this combination for rockets or thruster according to my research so far. I'm looking in to using something like 1-ethyl-3 methylimidazolum bis (trifluoromethyl-sofonyl)mide or [EMIM] [TG2N] as the ionic liquid in the electroplating to act as the solvent. With what I know so far, should this be a plausible process for electroplating a niobium alloy?


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Nickel-aluminum alloys can indeed be deposited from solutions of nickel chloride in an organic chloroaluminate salt. As one example, Ali and Nishikata [1] describe an electrodeposition process on platinum and mild steel. From this reference:

Electrodeposition of aluminum–nickel intermetallic compounds (particularly Ni3Al) has been carried out onto platinum and mild steel cathodes from a 2:1 (mole ratio) aluminum(III) chloride-N-(n-butyl)pyridinium chloride (BPC) molten bath saturated with nickel(II) chloride at room temperature. A single phase of Al–Ni alloy is difficult to obtain by controlled-potential and controlled-current methods; however, it can be obtained by pulse current plating. ...

For a broader eeview, consult Oriňáková et al.[2].


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