I found information on the website water.lsbu.ac.uk - Oxygen and water:

Between altitudes of $80-\pu{100 km}$, $\ce{O2^{\small{\bullet}+}}$ and $\ce{NO+}$ ions are the dominant cationic species. $\ce{O2^{\small{\bullet}+}}$ ions react with water molecules to form $\ce{H2O.O2^{\small{\bullet}+}}$ species (see figure left) [4020].. At lower altitudes, this further reacts with more water molecules to form hydrogen ions.

that as a result of the reaction of an oxygen ion with water, a hydronium ion can be obtained. If I understand correctly, the oxygen ion in interaction with water dissociates the water molecule, but how does the formation of the hydronium ion occur?

I hope that there is someone here who would be able to write down the stages of the reaction for me. Thank you.



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