In a quiz, I was asked to find all of the combinations of organic molecule of $\ce{C4H6O2}$. The combination excludes -COOH, -OH, double bonds and the alkoxy group.

The only problem, as far as I am concerned, is the definition of the term "alkoxy group". According to this Wikipedia article, a Peroxy or Methelenedioxy should be one of the possible combinations allowed. However, the names do have the "-oxy" suffix in them. So I am uncertain whether to include Peroxy's and Methelenedioxy's in the list.

P.S. Below is a picture of the Methelenedioxy group and the peroxy group, respectively, from the already mentioned Wikipedia article.

Methelenedioxy Peroxy


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There is another Wkipedia article entitled "Alkoxy group". In it they show the following molecules as containing alkoxy groups.

enter image description here

They include methylenedioxy, but not peroxide in their list.


Alkoxy groups are ethers, so I would consider methylenedioxy as a subset of alkoxy groups (although the reactivity is pretty different).

Peroxy is not an ether, so I would consider it distinct from an alkoxy group.

Given those functional group restrictions, it seems like the quiz was trying to force you into a particular line of thinking. Without alcohols and ethers, I think the only thing left would be peroxides, but perhaps I'm missing something.


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