Complete the following reactions and write the spectators for each if any

A. cobalt(II) chloride (aq) and cesium phosphate (aq)

I am not quite sure if I have the correct answer to this equation, but I have $\ce{ CoCl2(aq) + Cs(PO4)(aq)}$ (for the equation setup) and for spectator ions $\ce{Co^2+ (aq) + 2 Cl- (aq) + Cs^+ (aq) + (PO4) (aq) -> CsCl(aq) + Co(PO4)2(s)}$ and so for the spectators I have $\ce{Cs^+(aq)\ and\ 2Cl- (aq)}$, Is this correct?

B. sodium phosphate (aq) and calcium chloride (aq)

For this equation I have $\ce{6Na^+\ and\ 6Cl-}$ as spectator ions, $\ce{Ca3(PO4)2(s)}$ (as a solid)


For B, you have correctly identified calcium phosphate as the precipitate, as it is the least soluble of all possible compounds. In the case of A, cobalt phosphate precipitates from the solution containing cobalt(II) and phosphate salts.

$$\ce{3Ca^{2+} + 2PO4^{3-} ->~ Ca3(PO4)2\downarrow}$$ $$\ce{3Co^{2+} + 2PO4^{3-} ->~ Co3(PO4)2\downarrow}$$

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