There are many methods used in the synthesis of cellulose nanocomposites, including Fe₃O₄@Cellulose in urea, ammonia, and water solution and immersing the product in sulfuric acid, or somewhat similarly TiO₂@Cellulose but excluding the immersion.

But how would something like synthesizing nanocomposites as Fe₃O₄@TiO₂@Cellulose look like? Is it possible to just use one method, for example, TiO₂@Cellulose and after that follow the procedure of Fe₃O₄@Cellulose but using the already made composite as just one.

But there are also specific problems, following the procedure of Fe₃O₄@Cellulose includes acid immersing of a deposited composite on a glass pane but that would imply immersing the already made composite with TiO₂ could be damaged by H₂SO₄.


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