As known aqua regia can't dissolve $\ce{Ag}$ because formation of $\ce{AgCl}$ precipitate. Similarly will aqua regia precipitate $\ce{Pb}$ as $\ce{PbCl2}$? OR It is not possible to observe this because aqua regia produce heat keeping solution warm ($\ce{PbCl2}$ is soluble in hot water).

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Aqua regia doesn't actually dissolve lead metal. It converts to insoluble lead salt. From here:

When we are working with an acidic chloride solution, like HCl (with an oxidizer) or aqua regia, most of the lead will become an insoluble lead chloride which if it is left to settle can be removed by careful decanting of the solution and filtering, what lead does carry through the process with this solution can then be removed with a few drops of sulfuric acid, and precipitated out of solution as a lead sulfate.

Here is a YouTube video for your reference.


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