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Compounds 1 and 2

Hi all, going through exam revision for third-year Chemistry Exams. I'm coming up blank on some bioorganic questions on Poly Ketide Synthases. In the question it asks follows:

1)What post-translational modification is required to make the PKSs active? Which coenzyme is required for this modification? For this I assume it's a modification of the starter ACP unit using CoA for the formation of the phosphopantetheine arm for the holding of the starter unit.

(b) How many NADH-mediated reductions are required for the assembly of the napthoate moieties of 1 and 2? Explain your answer. Apologies as this one require's the image but due to us having two ring structures would we have 3 ketoreductase domains utilizing NADH and two OH groups removed due to the aldol reactions causing the cyclisation

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  • $\begingroup$ You're right on the first part. But for (b), what are 1 and 2? I only see one naphthoate moiety in one compound. $\endgroup$ – Mike Serfas Feb 20 at 18:15
  • $\begingroup$ My apologies, I have just attached it. $\endgroup$ – Daddy Devito Feb 20 at 18:57

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