Reaction was carried out in DMF, and TLC shows that the reaction has completed. But how to separate reaction mixture i.e. product from DMF?

Steglich Esterification was carried out and the product is soluble in DMF. – user 24 (Jul 22 at 7:13)

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    $\begingroup$ More details would be helpful. In the standard approach, (assuming your product is something you can't precipitate or extract by acid/base workup) you'll need to select the right organic extraction solvent (less polar than DMF but sufficiently polar to dissolve your desired product, possibly $\ce{Et2O}$, $\ce{EtOAc}$, DCM, MTBE, etc.). Add it to your reaction mixture, then wash multiple times with copious water. Ideally, much of the DMF should end up in the aqueous phase. If your product is water-soluble, the situation is more difficult. $\endgroup$ – Greg E. Jul 22 '14 at 5:37

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