I would like to know what is valence molecular connectivity index of 3rd order cluster. Please provide an example?

Thanks for your help.


It sounds like you're needing help with chemical graph theory.

I'm no expert in this topic, but it is one that has interested me in the past. Hence I can recommend 'Topological Methods in Chemistry' by R. E. Merrifield and H. E. Simmons—a book which explicitly deals with chemical graph theory in chapters 3 and 4; various topological indices feature throughout.

As a complement to this book, I would recommend the book on Topology by Munkres. The above book isn't rigorous enough to approach this topic perhaps, and so a mathematical treatise is also needed. I'm currently working through these topics myself for my own research.

It doesn't quite answer your question, but I hope it helps in your lofty quest!


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