I need some help with editing Stack question concerning chemistry. It is quite a simple question. Here's the link to the folder, in which you can see the whole question in screenshots:


My problem is that I cannot make the correct numerical answer (from the formula above: m(KCl) = ({@ww@}/100)*{@mm@} g) to show up in the Feedback section (where 'Výpočet' is written, the very last line) m(KCl) = (ans2)g - I want the correct answer to show up there (in the response section) after the student submitted his answer.)

The question is in Slovak, so I see you may have some trouble reading it. Therefore, there's a simplified description of the question: The student is supposed to calculate the mass of KCl which is needed to prepare a solution of a certain mass fraction given by the valuable ww in a certain mass of the solution given by the valuable mm. The formula for the calculation itself is the valuable exp. The student is supposed to enter the numerical answer of the KCl needed and the formula that he used to calculate the number. The problem is, I would like the numerical answer to show up in the response section after the student submitted both his answers.

Please, if my question is not understandable or inadequate, ask for a better explanation or suggest a forum where I could ask someone if there's any.

Thank you.

  • $\begingroup$ Reposting questions with edit is not a good idea chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/142453/… $\endgroup$ – Mithoron Nov 7 at 16:09
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    $\begingroup$ Again, your issue is not a chemical one, but rather about how to use particular piece of software, I believe STACK questions in Moodle. Your question (without all the chemical details and just focused on these software issues) would be better suited for StackOverflow, SuperUser, or possibly Academia StackExchange. $\endgroup$ – Tyberius Nov 18 at 21:06