After research I found that enzymes are responsible for metabolism, specifically catabolism and anabolism. This in turn creates the necessary chemicals in your body. The only question left is: what are enzymes? I asked in Biology and the answer led me to enzymes being created by ribosomes. Ribosomes by RNA. RNA by the four chemicals, adenine, guanine, cytosine, and uracil. Okay so, my question is: what chemical elements are those four chemicals comprised of?

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A quick search would tell you what the 4 nucleobases for RNA are made of:

Uracil: 4 Carbon 4 Hydrogen 2 Nitrogen 2 Oxygen


Adenine: 5 Carbon 5 Hydrogen 5 Nitrogen


Guanine: 5 Carbon 5 Hydrogen 5 Nitrogen 1 Oxygen


Cytosine: 4 Carbon 5 Hydrogen 3 Nitrogen 1 Oxygen



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