Are the following two compounds isomers?

(A) $\ce{CH_{3}-CO-CH_{2}-CH_{2}-CH_{2}-CH_{2}-OH}$

(B) $\ce{CH_{3}-CH_{2}-CH_{2}-CH_{2}-CH_{2}-COOH}$

Although they have the same molecular formula ($\ce{C_{6}H_{12}O_{2}})$, I think that this two compounds are not isomers.


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Isomers are compounds having same molecular formula, but a different structural formula.

As they satisfy the above condition, they are isomers and they are structural isomers. Structural isomers have a few variety based on connectivity of constituent atoms.

  • Chain : which has a different arrangement of carbon molecules
  • Position : different position of same functional group
  • Functional : different functional group for the same atoms
  • the others (tautomerism, metamerism and ring-chain isomerism)

They are functional isomers as they have different functional groups. First one has a ketone and an alcoholic group, while the second one has a carboxylic acid functional group.

You will come to see that it is easier to recognise structural isomers compared to the rest (stereoisomerism).

When speaking about isomerism, a picture is worth a thousand words:

enter image description here


They are certainly isomers since they have same molecular formula but differ in structural formula and their chemical properties are also different.

Isomers can be classified into structural isomer/constitutional isomer and stereo-isomer. The above compounds are structural isomers and in depth, they are functional isomers which is sub division of structural isomers in which the isomers differ in functional groups.

The compound A has two functional groups ketone and alcoholic groups (priority order ketone> alcoholic group) and compound B has carboxylic acid as functional group and they have same molecular formula.


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