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Does a tie rule exist for solution solvent phase diagram to express relative lowering of vapour pressure in terms of temperature?

The phase diagram is the one provided as an explanation to colligative properties of binary solutions with one component non volatile.

Edit: Is there any relation between relative lowering of vapour pressure; relative elevation of boiling point and relative depression of freezing point ??

I think I found ( ∆p/p = 1.23 ∆Tb/Tb) by differentiation of Clausis- Clayperon eqn and Troutons law; but am unsure. If this is true? Can we approximate 1.23 as 1 ??( 1.23 was ∆Svap/R and ∆Svap was put as 10.3)

Also does there exist a like rel for freezing point?

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