We know that on adding a non-volatile solute to a pure solvent its vapour pressure increases because of the reluctance of solute to evaporate(i.e. strong intermolecular forces of attraction) Instead of adding non-volatile solute if we add a volatile solute whose intermolecular forces of attraction are stronger than solvent so that its contribution to the total vapour pressure of the solution is less(by dalton's law). Thus implies that vapour pressure of the solution is lower than the pure solvent. So lowering occurs here also (but here solute is also evaporating unlike non-volatile solute). Similarly, the boiling point of the solution also elevates. Can we apply all formulas of RLVP and elevation in boiling point here also?

  • $\begingroup$ Vapour pressure lowers on adding solute. Lowering of vapour pressure is the colligative property. $\endgroup$ – Priyanshu Das Jan 7 at 18:12

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