Need some help from chemists.

All questions are hypothetical situations, I am not trying to synthesize this chemical. I am trying to understand its formation and reactions, And if certain chemical reactions could accidentally generate methyl mercury compounds.

  1. Wanted to know the possibility of Dimethyl Mercury formation when carrying out O-Methylation reactions in dirty AL/Hg contaminated glassware.

  2. Could the Methylating reagent Dimethyl Carbonate, with DBU as the catalyst generate Dimethyl Mercury in such glassware?

  3. Could Dimethyl Mercury be synthesized by direct action of Dimethyl Sulfate on Mercury metal?

  4. Or must it be used with Na/Hg amalgam?

  5. Also could Na/Hg be treated with Ethyl Bromide to form Diethyl Mercury?

  6. Or is only Ethyl Iodide strong enough to work?

Thanks for the help!


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