We have Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry, Comprehensive Organometallics, Comprehensive Organic Synthesis and probably few other similar works that aim to do a wide review of recent works at the time of writing.

Is there a similar review book, that reviews modeling, characterization, preparation, structures and properties of crystalline, non-molecular solids, maybe as a part of a wider topic or a series on smaller subjects?

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    $\begingroup$ A long time ago at a university not that far away we used "The Electronic Structure And Chemistry Of Solids" by Tony Cox for the undergraduate course. It was a good book in its time but I suspect it will be a bit dated now - especially on the modelling side, this was when something with a 50MHz clock was considered a fast computer! $\endgroup$
    – Ian Bush
    Dec 9, 2019 at 13:37

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I think the closest comprehensive analogical literature source for solid state materials to the aforementioned series like Elsevier's Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry II, Elsevier's Comprehensive Organic Synthesis or Wiliey's Inorganic Syntheses would be Springer's Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences currently consisting of 223 titles:

The Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences consists of fundamental scientific books prepared by leading researchers in the field. They strive to communicate, in a systematic and comprehensive way, the basic principles as well as new developments in theoretical and experimental solid-sate physics.

As for the universally recommended textbooks on solid-state chemistry in general, there are the following titles issued for the past 15 years:

  1. West, A. R. Solid State Chemistry and Its Applications, 2nd ed.; John Wiley & Sons, Inc: Chichester, West Sussex, 2014.
  2. Simon, S. H. The Oxford Solid State Basics, 1st ed.; Oxford University Press: Oxford, 2013.
  3. Smart, L.; Moore, E. Solid State Chemistry: An Introduction, 4th ed.; CRC Press: Boca Raton, FL, 2012.
  4. Tilley, R. J. D. Understanding Solids: The Science of Materials; J. Wiley: Chichester, West Sussex, England; Hoboken, NJ, USA, 2004.
  5. Müller, U. Anorganische Strukturchemie, 6., aktualisierte Aufl., unveränd. Nachdr.; Studium; Vieweg + Teubner: Wiesbaden, 2009. (in German)
  6. Dronskowski, R. Computational Chemistry of Solid State Materials: A Guide for Materials Scientists, Chemists, Physicists and Others; Wiley-VCH: Weinheim, 2005.
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    $\begingroup$ Might be worth extending Resources for learning Chemistry. I'm always surprised Müller's book never was translated. However, given that he had a "particular" appreciation for English, it is not that surprising any more. $\endgroup$ Dec 10, 2019 at 8:59
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    $\begingroup$ @Martin-マーチン Good point, I added added these six titles to the solid state chemistry section. $\endgroup$
    – andselisk
    Dec 10, 2019 at 9:09

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