As I am looking at titration curves, a few things stand out. For now, I have a two part question:

  1. When titrating an acid with a base, for instance, the pH rises more or less abruptly around the equivalence point. Does this have to do with the logarithmic nature of pH? In other words, is this caused by the fact that the number of particles involved in the jump from e.g. a pH of 2 to one of 3 is several orders of magnitude than the number of particles involved in the jump from 6 to 7?
  2. When a weak acid is titrated, the rise to the equivalence point is a lot more shallow. Does this happen because of Le Chatelier's principle? That is to say, as the base is titrating the acid, some of the acid that has not dissociated will dissociate in an attempt to restore equilibrium. This should retard the titration to some degree. Is that the case?
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This answer from a member of Chemical Forums who seems to have been quite useful to other posters in the past given his or her "karma" would appear to confirm that the shape of titration curves owes in part to their logarithmic nature:



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