Tell me, does table salt dissolve in glycerin? And is it possible to increase its solubility?

I have vegetable glycerin with nicotine that I use for vape. So that nicotine would not be bitter, on the forum I was advised to dissolve salt in it. But salt dissolves very poorly. How can I speed up this process?


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  • $\begingroup$ Adding water will certainly help with this issue, probably at the cost of introducing other issues. $\endgroup$ – Ivan Neretin Aug 9 at 12:50

This is probably a bad idea - the salt will deposit on the heating element, possibly risking corrosion and lowering the surface area of the element


Can you use something other than sodium chloride? Sodium bromide seems to be much more soluble in methanol:

Sodium chloride = 14.9 g/kg

Sodium bromide = 168 g/kg

A similar trend would be expected with other alcoholic solvents such as glycerin.

You may also consider lithium chloride. Lithium salts are more soluble in many polar solvents than heavier Group I salts due to ion pair or covalent molecule formation. Lithium chloride has high solubility in many polar solvents, including over 400 g/kg in methanol and over 240 g/kg in ethanol. This again suggests that the salt will work well in other alcoholic solvents like glycerin.


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