Solubility of $\ce{AgCN}$ is maximum in

A) Acidic buffer solution
B) Basic buffer solution
C) Pure water

According to me, it should not matter in which solution we are putting the $\ce{AgCN}$, because ultimately there is no common ion effect acting on it which should prevent or any effect that I could think of that should increase the solubility. But the answer given is A. Please explain.

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    $\begingroup$ Currently, you focus on the reaction of $\ce{Ag^+ + CN^- <=>> AgCN v}$, most likely in water as solvent of reaction. The presence of an other acid introduces a second equilibrium to consider, $\ce{H^+ + CN^- <=> HCN}$. #1: What do you know about this second equilibrium, taken alone? #2: Since dissociation of $\ce{HCN}$ and formation of $\ce{AgCN}$ shall / may take place in the same solution, how do the two equilibria interfere with each other? $\endgroup$ – Buttonwood Jul 21 '19 at 16:37

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