Cryolite $\ce{(Na3AlF6)}$ and fluorspar $\ce{(CaF2)}$ are added to alumina to lower the temperature of the mixture from $\pu{2000 °C}$ to about $\pu{900 °C}$ and also to increase the conductance.

But my question is about the specific effect these compounds are producing. I mean, out of the two mentioned effects, which compound is doing what?


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    $\begingroup$ It is my understanding that Hall originally used cryolyte to dissolve alumina so he could perform electrolysis. The molten cryolite was both solvent and electrolyte and electrolyzing cryolite itself was not a problem. My guess is that the fluorite just helped lower the melting temperature. Fluorite (from 'to flow') has been used for centuries to help 'liquify' oxide slag, in metallurical processing, so the slag could be more readily scraped aside. Maybe someone will provide a definitive answer. $\endgroup$ – Ed V Jul 8 at 18:13
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    $\begingroup$ I don't know enough to post a full answer but as Ed V says $\ce{(CaF2)}$ is used "generally" in slag-metallurgical processes to control viscosity. It also provides a surplus of flourine ions, which I guess would be useful for dissolving and solvating the alumina - since the cryolite natively cannot handle much more aluminium ions, you need a surplus of fluoride. $\endgroup$ – Stian Yttervik Jul 9 at 7:36
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Cryollite is used to decrease the temperature from $2000 °C$ to $900 °C$ . Fluorspar is used to increase mobility by controlling viscosity, hence in turn increasing conductivity.

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    $\begingroup$ Please provide a source of this information. $\endgroup$ – Apurvium Oct 28 at 4:23

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