I had an old tool I was trying to remove rust from using electrolysis. I used a solar panel and chlorinated pool water. I have had a difficult time online finding what the products of the reaction should be. After hours in the sun the water turned to an orange reddish color and then almost green. I had read about doing this with salt water and it producing chlorinated gas, does pool water go through the same reaction?

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  • $\begingroup$ Hi, and welcome to Chemistry SE. What voltage are you using, and what does your setup look like? You haven't described what happened to the tool? It would also be interesting to do a control experiment where the tool (or something similarly rust) is simply left in the pool water. $\endgroup$ – Michael Lautman Jun 11 '19 at 15:49
  • $\begingroup$ I am using a usb solar panel. 5V at 2.4A. I clipped a usb cable and am using anode and cathode that looks like Allen wrenches and I have them in a plastic cup. It appears like the rust is removed on the tip but on the handles it seems to stay. The tool is for cutting sheet metal, I think it is a mild steel and tip has a bit of a goldish tinge once rust is removed $\endgroup$ – Jason Davis Jun 11 '19 at 22:23

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