I have been reading an introductory book on fuel cells, and it's indicated that SOFC need to be brought to $\pu{600\! -\! 1000 ^\circ C}$ to be more efficient. So, my understanding is that if I want to have a working fuel cell, I would need to come up with a system that could "heat up" my fuel cell to $\pu{750 ^\circ C}$? Most of the articles I have been reading explain how fuels cells work, but what would be the actual set-up? I would have to put the fuel cell in some sort of oven? Thanks for your input!


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    $\begingroup$ There is no physical or chemical law that says all fuel cells work better at 600-100°C. For SOFC's that is generally true, but the actual optimal temperature is different for every model. $\endgroup$ – Karl Jun 9 at 21:16
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    $\begingroup$ The actual setup is a well insulated fuel cell, a heat exchanger for fuel and exhaust gas/water, and an additional electrical heater for startup. Or so i would guess. $\endgroup$ – Karl Jun 9 at 21:17

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