Consider glycosidic linkages in disaccharides.

I know a condensation reaction occurs, with the loss of water.

But which OH is lost? The O in the linkage belongs to which monosaccharide?

Example: take sucrose, the O in the linkage belongs to fructose or glucose?

I couldn't find any literature regarding this. Any help is appreciated .


In sucrose molecule the glycosidic linkage is formed by the OH group on the anomeric carbon of α-D-glucose and the OH group on the anomeric carbon of β-D-fructose.

enter image description here

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As seen, in either alpha d-glucose or beta d-fructo furanose may react to give sucrose.

Let us examin.

Alpha D-gluco Pyranose gives an intermediate 1 and 2 by protonation at anomeric carbon.

enter image description here

Similarly Beta D-fructo furanose gives an intermediate 3 and 4 by protonation at anomeric carbon. enter image description here

If you examine , structure 3 is more stable then structure 4.

enter image description here

The negative inductive effect of CH2OH in fructofuranose destablizes this intermediate 4.

Hence structure 2 , an intermediate of aplha D-gluco pyranose (more stable) attacks beta D-fructo furanose togive sucrose.

enter image description here

The above diagrams are author drawn in CHEM DRAW

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