Is $\ce{Na4[Fe(CN)5NOS]}$ contains $\ce{Fe(II)}$ and $\ce{NO+}$ and hence diamagnetic, or $\ce{Fe(III)}$ and $\ce{NO}$ and hence paramagnetic?If in this molecule NO transfers one electron to $\ce{Fe(III)}$, NO becomes$\ce{NO+}$ and $\ce{Fe(III)}$ becomes $\ce{Fe(II)}$, which after pairing up of electrons become in the presence of the strong ligand,cyanide become diamagnetic. So which pair actually exists in the molecule can be understood only by knowing the substance is paramagnetic or diamagnetic. If it is para thepair is Fe(III) and NO;if it is dia,the pair existing is Fe(II)and NO(+). I know it is difficult to get an answer from here.Since even after many references in the net, i did not get a proper explanation, i came here. If the question does not meet the requisite standards, you may please drop it and kindly let me know the answer as a personal message. Thank you all in advance for an answer


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