Melting point tends to be a temperature range. Is it true that the temperature of crystallisation is the highest temperature at which the polymer melts and thus there is some distinction between temperature of crystallisation, Tc and temperature at melting point, Tm?


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Is temperature of crystallization same as melting point temperature for polymers?

In a word: NO.

If you undrestand what the glass transition, crystallization and melting temperatures are it will make sense why they are not the same. This paper does an excellent job at explaining the three concepts but I will summarize.

The glass transition temperature is the temperature where polymer chains become sufficiently mobile that the material transforms from being brittle to being soft and plastic (neither exo- nor endothermic, but does the heat capacity does increase). The crystallization temperature is the temperature where the molecules are mobile enough to rearrange into ordered arrangements (crystallize not decrystallize; this is an exothermic process; see plot below). The melting temperature is where the polymer chains can freely move and ordered arrangements are disrupted (this annihilates any prior crystallization; an endothermic process).

enter image description here Source: Plastic Technology Laboratories


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