An aldol condensation product would have a ketone and at least one alkene in the form of R1-C(=O)-C(R2)=C(R3)-R4


H-NMR: 7.09ppm 1H doublet, 7.42ppm 3H triplet, 7.64ppm 2H quartet, 7.75ppm 1H doublet. (Note: coupling constants for both 1H doublets is 17Hz).

IR:3055cm-1 66%, 1651cm-1 4%, 1596cm-1 10%, 1346cm-1 19%, 1196cm-1 16%. IR spectrum of aldol condensation product

The H-NMR only shows aromatic hydrogens so I'm assuming that means R1=R2=R3=R4=benzene but I'm not sure that would be possible since the total ratio of hydrogen's is 1:3:2:1 for a total of 7 different types of hydrogens.From the IR, the only peaks I could get was that the peaks at 3000cm-1 are greater than 3000 therefore aromatic H's are present and that there is a ketone or two due to two strong peaks around 1700cm-1.


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