I have a soap project and wish to do engineering calculation , I need to calculate the heat required to transform olein into soaps I need the value of the enthalpy of formation of sodium oleate.

I am happy if anyone knows the enthalpy of formation of sodium oleate.


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    $\begingroup$ Ok, at which T and P? You can get estimates starting from the heat of combustion and from the heat of neutralization of a fatty acid, approximated perhaps by an organic acid (this might only get you into the ballpark, oleic acid being weak). $\endgroup$ – Try Hard Feb 7 at 18:20
  • $\begingroup$ At STP because I wish to the soap at standard condion, that means at 298K and 1atm $\endgroup$ – Andrianavalomalala Rakotoniain Feb 8 at 11:06

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