Organic Compound

The organic compound in question is shown above. This is how I tried to name it:

  • Start from the left hanging $\ce{H_3C}$.
  • $\ce{OH}$ gets the number 2 and $\ce{NH_2}$ gets 6. The lowest numbers possible for the functional groups keeping seniority/priority in mind.
  • There are two ethyl groups at 3 and 5.

Hence, the compound should be called 6-Amino-3,5-diethylhexan-2-ol.

I tried searching the web to confirm this, but nothing useful showed up.

Is this the correct IUPAC name of this organic compound?


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The longest chain has 7 carbon atoms. So you would have an ethyl group in carbon 3 and the amino group will be a ramification in carbon 5. I would stand for:



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