i would like to dose Vitamin C on my reef tank, based on an article that i found online.

Now, the dose consist on 2xday powder usage, diluted on water before using, and as always in aquarium, in high flow area.

The chemical question it's that, standing to the article, the powder of pure acid ascorbic, have to be prepared and used immediately to be effective. That prevent automatic dosage with a dosing pump. The reason it's not well explained, so i'll be glad if someone can explain it to me.

There is any way to make a "liquid" solution of vitaminC that can be used for some days and stored in a bottle? (in that way i can be able to use a dosing pump making the vitC dosage automatic)

  • $\begingroup$ Google is your friend! Search "solution stability of ascorbic acid" $\endgroup$ – Waylander Jan 10 at 15:41

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