We use a Magnesium based metal alloy in an application where when the alloy is exposed to water with a high salinity (Chlorides) it dissolves.

The below chemical reaction was provided and we would like to understand how we could explain the reaction to the masses and how the metal dissolves. If it would help illustrate the reaction we would go as far as illustrating what is happening molecularly? Thanks,

  1. H2O -> H+ + OH-
  2. NaCl -> Na+ + Cl-
  3. Cl- + H+ -> HCl
  4. 2HCl + Mg -> H2 uparrow +MgCl2
  5. MgCl2 + 2OH- -> Mg (OH)2 + 2Cl-
  6. H+ + OH- -> H2O

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