I can read some articles with TEM images that show particle sizes of more than 200-500 nm, while in the same papers it is mentioned these are nanostructured microspheres and it is also mentioned the size of the particles are in the nanoscale based on the XRD measurements. I do not understand the sentence "nanostructured microspheres" are the particles in the nanoscale or in the microscale, can I determine the size of the particles based on the XRD (Scherer equation only) even if I see the particles in the TEM are much larger than the results obtained by the XRD.


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    $\begingroup$ First, I suspect XRD might refer not to powder (then size established via Scherrer equation would indeed be rather crude), but rather to single crystal x-ray diffraction which provides much more precise structural info. Second, "nanostructured" doesn't say anything about the size of an entire object, it only says that the building blocks have dimensions of a magnitude of a few hundred nanometers. $\endgroup$ – andselisk Jan 7 at 11:00
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    $\begingroup$ I would consider ‘microsphere’ a label designating that whatever you’re looking at is shaped as a miniature sphere. ‘Nanostructured’ I would interpret as a nano-sized structure. So a nano-sized miniature sphere. I could be wrong in my standard English-based interpretation. $\endgroup$ – Jan Jan 13 at 15:21