Currently I'm searching for a nice way to implement my ChemDraw graphics into $\mathrm{\LaTeX}$.

There is a package called chemnum which will auto-label the compounds in the eps-graphic which sounds nice. The package describes, that I need to put "temporary markers" inside the document where the number should be.

How do I get these markers? I guess it is not a normal text area, isn't it? I'm using ChemDraw

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    $\begingroup$ Just put tmp1 etc below the compounds you want to label, then let the latex macro replace those with the actual numbers from the aux-files. This requires at least two runs, and you are limited to using epslatex. There are certain drawbacks to this. $\endgroup$ – Martin - マーチン Dec 18 '18 at 10:16

The ChemNum package documentation that can be found on CTAN specifies:

Create the scheme and place temporary tags like TMP1, TMP2 and so on where you want the compound labels to be.

A question on TeX.SX specifies:

When you create a text box and type into it, it will store it as a string correctly in the EPS. However, it was (sometimes) automatically putting it into chemical formula mode - so that in TMP1, the 1 was subscript (TMP1). Even if you fix this manually, it now saves the TMP and 1 separately in the EPS, meaning CHemNum fails to find TMP1.

Thus, it seems all you need to do is create textboxes with the appropriate labels.

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