When ionic compounds dissolve in polar solvents many types of factors come into play determining their solubility. Some of them may be: ion- dipole interactions, lattice energy, high dielectric constant of the solvent etc.

But I was unable to understand what kind of interactions take place between non-polar solvent and non-polar solute. I was reading about the solubility of $\ce{CH4}$ in $\ce{CCl4}$ and since they were both covalently bonded I couldn't explain the interactions. Any references would help too.

So my question is:

What type of interactions occur when $\ce{CH4}$ dissolves in $\ce{CCl4}$

  • $\begingroup$ Maybe it's just me, but it seems weird you know about things like lattice energy or ion-dipole int. but not about vdW, new to organic chemistry? $\endgroup$ – Mithoron Nov 3 '18 at 17:37
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