What is the hybridization of [Ni(NH3)2Cl2] ? Is it square planar or tetrahedral ? Also what is the hybridization of [Pt(NH3)2Cl2] ?

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    Unfortunately what you are taught with these kind of exercises is deprecated and wrong. Please see the following Q&A for an explanation: Why is it wrong to use the concept of "hybridization" while studying complexes? In short, there is no hybridisation for nickel/platinum. – Martin - マーチン Oct 11 at 12:31
  • @Martin-マーチン I read the beautiful explanation by Orthocresol. I am studying in 12 th standard in India. Here VBT is taught to us and also CFST but not in depth. On that basis the questions are asked in medical entrance examination. Here taking high marks in entrance exams is must to get a medical seat. Being a medical aspirant I have to learn that concept in our syllabus to crack the questions. Often I get confused with such questions where geometries will be different from the actual predictions. Whether it is wrong or right I have to learn it for cracking the examination. I can never change – user68418 Oct 11 at 13:25