So the maximum answer can be 8. As per I know the condition for being structural Isomers is that the molecular formula has to be same

I started by drawing and just by changing the position I found so many , I am not getting this all of these are also structural isomers arent they ? What am I missing ?

The maximum option is 8 available but while Drawing I found there are many more . Are there any other condition of structural formula except the fact that the compounds will have the same molecular formula but different structural formula?

Is there any other condition that I have to consider I think I am missing a point .

  • $\begingroup$ You were asked just to replace one hydrogen with chlorine, and not to rearrange the carbon skeleton. $\endgroup$ – Ivan Neretin Sep 29 '18 at 10:36

Starting from methane, $\ce{CH4}$, as point of departure,

  • diphenyl methane (letter "d" as in Delta) has two phenyl groups that independently from each other are attached directly to this core (cf.). Which is the situation described on the questionary, and considered in your option in line A) which answers correctly the question.
  • Alternatively, as a constitutional isomer, you may join one phenyl group to the next one (which then is called biphenyl, letter "b" as in Bravo), which in turn as one group is bound to the methyl group. Which is what the is iterated in your options B), C), and D), departing from three different isomers of methyl-biphenyl, like 4-phenyltoluene.

As a side note -- even if options B), C), and D) do not correctly answer the questionary -- it is laudable that you started considering different positional isomers (i.e., the pattern of ortho-, meta-, para-substitution).


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