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The flow chart is indicative of a compound with a silver cation, because $\ce{Ag+}$ reacts with $\ce{I-}$ to form yellow $\ce{AgI}$. Since $\ce{Ag+}$ does not form a hydroxide complex, it forms the brown $\ce{Ag2O}$ precipitate with excess $\ce{NaOH}$ solution. With $\ce{BaCl2}$, $\ce{AgCl}$ white precipitate forms. When excess $\ce{NH3}$ solution is added to that mixture, the soluble complex ion $\ce{Ag(NH3)2+}$ forms.

So, I can choose between answer choices A and B. However, I am not sure which cation is correct. The answer key says the answer is A, but I am not sure why, because both form white precipitate with $\ce{BaCl2}$.


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