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Why does concept of degree of unsaturation not work for fullerene molecule?

Commonly known buckminster fullerene has molecular formula C60 if we calculate it's degree of unsaturation by formulae, it comes out to be 61 and it is also known that this fullerene has 12 pentagon ...

organic-chemistry inorganic-chemistry  
user avatar asked by worksifitdoes Score of 4
user avatar answered by Karsten Score of 7

What is the ionic conductivity of the hydroperoxide ion?

Hydrogen peroxide is supposed to dissociate as $$\ce{H2O2 <=> H+ + HO2-}$$ But I can't find a source for the conductivity, $\lambda$, of the hydroperoxide anion $(\ce{OOH-}$ or $\ce{HO2-})$ on ...

inorganic-chemistry electrochemistry conductivity  
user avatar asked by HiddenBabel Score of 2

SMARTS: recursive search

i have a question regarding the usage of recursive SMARTS. I'm using python and rdkit for my coding. My goal is to get the substructure of carboxylic acids which are bonded by an ethyl-group to an ...

user avatar asked by dideldideldum Score of 2
user avatar answered by rapelpy Score of 2

When is chromatography regarded as a viable industrial purification strategy?

I understand the basics that chromatography is a fairly slow and expensive process compared to direct synthesis. When a synthesis route is not feasible, the economics become favorable. Not being in ...

chromatography purification  
user avatar asked by ericnutsch Score of 2

Effect on Metal-Phosphine Bond if Metal centre gets oxidised

Looking at the Octahedral complex, the chromium is a $d^6$ complex and, if the Chromium bond gets oxidised, it will have lesser electrons to donate to phosphine's $\sigma^{*}$ orbital. This effect is ...

transition-metals oxidation-state  
user avatar asked by DocManIM Score of 2

Universal indicator solution in electrolysis

Sometimes universal indicator solution, or whatever acid-base indicators, is added into an electrolytic cell to indicate the change in pH at electrodes over time. I wonder, if universal indicator ...

user avatar asked by Guest Score of 2
user avatar answered by Noah Score of 1

Why is sulfur more nucleophilic than nitrogen in thiourea?

In $\ce{S_N2}$ reaction using thiourea and alkyl halide, it is the sulfur atom rather than nitrogen atom that attacks alkyl halide. But nitrogen also has lone pair, so there is a chance that it acts ...

user avatar asked by Krang Lee Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Are metallic/ionic bonds weaker than covalent bonds?

In mineralogy class, I was taught that metallic and ionic bonds are weaker than covalent bonds and that's why quartz and diamond have such a high hardness value. However, in organic chemistry class, I ...

bond metal crystal-structure covalent-compounds ionic-compounds  
user avatar asked by Tamás Score of 37
user avatar answered by Shafter Score of 22

How do I figure out the hybridization of a particular atom in a molecule?

I'm learning how to apply the VSEPR theory to Lewis structures and in my homework, I'm being asked to provide the hybridization of the central atom in each Lewis structure I've drawn. I've drawn out ...

hybridization vsepr-theory  
user avatar asked by Melanie Palen Score of 56
user avatar answered by Ben Norris Score of 45

What are the products of the dissociation of sodium bicarbonate in water? What is the relative pH of the solution?

I had a recent question on a test that asked what the products would be if sodium hydrogen carbonate were dissolved in water. I had a few candidate answers $\displaystyle\ce{NaHCO3 -> Na+ + HCO3-}$...

acid-base ph ions  
user avatar asked by scrblnrd3 Score of 14
user avatar answered by G M Score of 14

How do you explain pKa to non-professional?

Let's say we have substance $\ce{A}$, which is mixed with substance $\ce{B}$ to improve shelf-life because $\mathrm{p}K_\mathrm{a}$ of the substance $\ce{A}$ is $7.9$ and in mix the $\mathrm{pH}$ is $...

acid-base solubility  
user avatar asked by Ilan Score of 7
user avatar answered by jerepierre Score of 13

Isopropyl Alcohol leaves a white haze on plastic, is there anything I can use to clean it off?

Recently I wanted to clean up some lubricant on some keyboard switches. On some forums, an Isopropyl alcohol bath was recommended so I decided to give that a try and went to purchase some 91% ...

user avatar asked by sortofsleepy Score of 5
user avatar answered by Poutnik Score of 6

Why does zinc react with sodium hydroxide?

If zinc is less reactive than sodium, then why does it still react with sodium hydroxide?

redox metal reactivity  
user avatar asked by Daksh Shah Score of 19
user avatar answered by Wildcat Score of 30

Why do the melting and boiling points of the noble gases increase when the atomic number increases?

What causes the melting and boiling points of noble gases to rise when the atomic number increases? What role do the valence electrons play in this?

inorganic-chemistry boiling-point melting-point noble-gases  
user avatar asked by Ali Mustafa Score of 18
user avatar answered by Sensebe Score of 19

Can you answer these questions?

Why is the standard enthalpy of formation temperature-dependent in JANAF tables?

I'm unsure why $\Delta_\mathrm{f}H^\circ$ within the NIST-JANAF Thermochemical Tables [1] is temperature-dependent. Wouldn't the $\Delta_\mathrm{f}H^\circ$ represent the enthalpy of formation at the ...

physical-chemistry enthalpy temperature  
user avatar asked by Jacob Ivanov Score of 1

Reactivity of Alkyl Halides with E2 with same number of substituents in the end

I have a question regarding the reactivity of alkyl halide for E2. I know that the general rule is tertiary alkyl halide reacts the fastest with E2, and primary alkyl halide reacts the slowest. I was ...

organic-chemistry reaction-mechanism reactivity  
user avatar asked by Jaehyun Ahn Score of 1

Matching a Slater-type wavefunction with 6-31G basis set for first and second row atoms Gaussian basis set

I am trying to match the slater wavefunction with 6-31G basis set for first and second row elements. I have matche hydrogen, helium and lithium atom 1s orbital with Slater wavefunction using STO-6G ...

user avatar asked by Aparna Score of 1
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