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The electron configuration of the outer shell of four atoms are: $X: 3s^23p^3, Y: 6s^26p^3, Z: 3s^23p^4 T: 6s^26p^4$.

I don't know if these atoms are metal or nonmetal.

Please classify the four atoms above and help me understand how to reach an answer. Thanks.

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  1. The first number gives the period ( = row in the periodic table)

  2. The sum of s and p electrons gives the main group.

    • $6s^26p^4$; 6 electrons -> it is an element somewhere below oxygen
    • it is in the sixth period: Polonium

In order to determine whether the element is a metal, the following technique can be applied:

Memorize the main group elements and some of their properties!

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So what's up? I want to classify it is metal or non-metal. Just base on periodic table. I know it is Polonium – user3407029 Mar 16 '14 at 11:20

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