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Is there an enzyme which is used as a drug (let it be called version $A$) and a mutated version of it ($M$), where the activity of $M$ was found to be higher than $A$?

Any references on such a case would be greatly acknowledged.

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A possible option: "Site-saturation mutagenesis of Tyr-105 reveals its importance in substrate stabilization and discrimination in TEM-1 β-lactamase" –  TMOTTM Feb 28 '13 at 11:45
Another option: "Most Efficient Cocaine Hydrolase Designed by Virtual Screening of Transition States" –  TMOTTM Mar 4 '13 at 15:00
A third option: "Why Does the G117H Mutation Considerably Improve the Activity of Human Butyrylcholinesterase against Sarin? Insights from Quantum Mechanical/Molecular Mechanical Free Energy Calculations" –  TMOTTM Mar 4 '13 at 15:00
Design of High-Activity Mutants of Human Butyrylcholinesterase against (−)-Cocaine: Structural and Energetic Factors Affecting the Catalytic Efficiency –  TMOTTM Mar 4 '13 at 20:17

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