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What is the boiling point of vodka?

I have found the boiling point of ethanol, ~173 (degrees) F.

However, I am unable to find the boiling point of vodka. I found some information on it, but I do not trust the source.

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Voska is a solution of water and ethanol.

  • Water boils at 100 °C
  • Ethanol boils at 78.37 °C

A mixture of both liquids will start boiling close to the boiling point of ethanol (otherwise destillation wouldn't work).

The lowest boiling temperature is a mixture of:

  • 95.63 mass-% ethanol
  • 4.37 mass-% water

which boils at 78.2 °C.

Read more about this effect at: Azeotrope There is also a picture of a phase diagramm there.

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Wait, vodka is quoted at 40% ethanol V/V (so mole fraction about 1/5) and not azeotropic! It should be about 83 °C.

Graph of vapour-liquid equilibrium for mixture of ethanol and water

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